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Kittens Need Help

 A- There is a Momma and her baby in the middle of
Bayview Road between Kumquat Street and Main Highway.
The mother is fairly friendly, the kitten hissed. 

They are both very pretty.
The kitten has longish hair and is all matted.
I gave them food. 

The kitten seemed very hungry.
They came but left and said they were full. 

B- Hi, the colony on Bayview is a problem.
The issue is there are many feeders.

Feeding needs to stop for at least 24hrs
to get the cats hungry to get them in the traps. 

A- Three kittens should be saved from living on the street!

Kitten 1: 
Goodbyes are not forever

Goodbyes are not the end
They simply mean I’ll miss you
Until we meet again
I’ll miss you!

Mother cat:
Cry for love and caring; cry for loneliness.

Cry for helplessness, fear, and  doubt.
Cry for a vision for your people.
The world you belong to is filled with people who  seek power,
but it is not the power of vision.

As you lie in the dust like any wretch waiting  for death,
may the cry that goes out from you spring from your
deepest longing to  complete yourself and your world. 
Your cry will be answered.
The hyenas of death will break through
your circle of thorns and your life will be complete.

At that moment, the darkness will pass.
The long night will  be over.
Dawn will complete your passage.

Cry for a vision, then.
Cry again and again, 
until the cry is a grain of sand
and you are the mother of pearl. 

Kitten 2:
The isolation, the physical punishments, the cuddle puddles….

In hindsight, kittens are not troubled - society is troubled by kittens.

Mother cat:
True empathy is not inevitable.

With Love, Mother