floating round glass top table


They learn to make fire by rubbing sticks together, learn how to make shelter that they  sleep in every night. 

Then we just put ‘em across the knee and spank ‘em. 

If they object, then we draw a one-world pistol. 

Which one of you spanking fathers would like to officiate a good shellacking? I’d give  anything to give a good smack in the south end. I mean it. 

horizontal drawing on yellow paper; whited out text with red ink; the word "America..." in red ink; the words "SUE ME" written in white out; a faint image of an older blonde woman behind it; a pencil drawing of a little girl pointing at the text
vertical drawing on yellow paper that says "Bunkur"; "GLOW UP" in black ink; a photograph behind the paper of a person in an orange hoodie with the face scratched off; a drawing of a little girl pointing at the photograph with a text bubble that says "THAT'S HIM! THAT'S THE MAN WHO KILLED MY DADDY!"