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This website contains material that is sometimes confronting and disturbing. Sometimes words or images can cause sadness or distress, or trigger traumatic memories for people, particularly survivors of past abuse, violence or childhood trauma. For some people, these responses can be overwhelming.

red and blue glass coin holder4 CONTRACTS (4 drawings) > contract 

teal and pink rope cat toyNO BAG (JOKE)

green/blue mixed colored glass vase AMERICA AMERICA FLORIDA (2 drawings) > KEEP! (2 drawings)

orange glass perfume bottle topCONCEPT/DECORATION (survey)

orange glass perfume bottleFIRE ROUND (survey)

purple glass paperweight GET HAPPY SPARKLE (video)

silver spoonJudy Smolak: Lifestyle, Ideas, Family, Biography & Net Worth (video. music: john elio reitman; camera: zacry spears)

blue/white/orange glass vaseJUICE 1  (1 drawing) > SHARK/GOAT (video)

clear round glass paperweightfolsom prison (photo, 4 sound recordings: 1. Voicemail from dad 2. Voicemail from Zacry 3. Voicemail from Glen 4. Folsom Prison Blues cover [text version])

panther statueKITTENS NEED HELP (1 act play)

clear egg-shaped glass paperweight LEGALIZEit (survey)

grey ceramic vase NIGHTTHUMP (video)

orange multi colored glass vaseSTARWARS (video [text in video is the transcript of ‘get happy porn’ and ‘GET HAPPY SPARKLE’])

orange and blue glass vase SUE ME (2 drawings, script)

orange and red pizza-shaped glass vaseTHE CONTINUUM (2 drawings, get happy porn sound recording)

gold checkered patterned glass bud vaseTHE OLD COUNTRY (1 drawing) > STABILITYPORN (1 drawing)

gold clear glass vaseTRIPLETHREAT (1 drawing) / JUICE POWER (2 drawings)

white patterned glass vaseTRUANCY (1 drawing, script) > AMERICA KIDNAPS (2 drawings)

black and red glass vaseTWIN PIGGIES (sound)

black patterned glass vaseWHITE PEARLE (1 drawing) > the pearl > NOSFERATU (1 drawing)

purple crystal bowlTHE SHINING (video) 

round blue glass paperweightuber (1 photo, 4 sound recordings: 1. Crying over Megyn Kelly 2. Chloe singing 3. Adiela’s historia [text version]) > No Bag (joke)

gold and white glass vase(takes you to a random page)

spilled red chunky liquid (you are here)

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